CHOICES of Northwestern Indiana was born in 1994 with the help and encouragement of families who were seeking a gentler, holistic or integrative type of care for pregnancy, birth and parenting ways. Whether giving birth at home, hospital or birth center, the organization welcomed families by offering newsletters, referrals, information, shared experiences and group meetings towards alternatives and options available for a healthier family or a more fulfilling experience they desired.

Over the years, the need for CHOICES became even more apparent. Today, baby steps continue to be taken, making CHOICES a community based network which includes monthly meetings with three chapters for all who are interested in a healthier pregnancy, natural or gentler birth experience, breastfeeding, attachment or informed parenting ways and more. Not only are men, women and children involved, but many types of professionals as well. As we grow, we are committed to gathering and maintaining information to assist families in finding the resources they need. We are bringing awareness to holistic care, supportive professionals and the many options available for those who seek it.

CHOICES realizes this can be an amazing, empowering time in your life as a growing family, a time that is never forgotten. Women are rediscovering the power and trust of instincts and intuition, especially when giving birth naturally in a trusted and supportive environment. Many are becoming aware that alternative health and medicine really does make sense. With information, education and support, families have better experiences and babies have a healthier start in life.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of families in Indiana.   Explore your CHOICES for a better beginning into parenthood.


~ The C.H.O.I.C.E.S. Group ~

Choices in Healthy-birthing, Offering Information, Communication,
Education and Support

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The C.H.O.I.C.E.S. Group
Choices in Healthy-birthing, Offering Information, Communication, Education & Support

In memory of Lynda Hitchcock
homebirth midwife of 33 years
Sept. 8, 1955 ~ June 29, 2009